Twinwood Festival 2019

Twinwood Festival 2019 - Anthony and Mic
Twinwood Festival 2019 - Arena.jpg

What a thrill to be asked to perform at this world famous vintage music festival.

The venue was the Casablanca Club, which seemed strangely appropriate to host our particularly singular brand of entertainment.

Twinwood Festival 2019 - Bill Poster Cas
Twinwood Festival 2019 - Belly

We arrived in good time so decided to sample the delights Twinwood had to offer and by jove the delights were delightful!

The myriad of stalls purveying their each uniquely individual selection of vintage items quite took the breath away and the selection of activities on offer to the fleet of foot were bountiful!  The bobby sox brigade were in their element!  We naturally abstained from this particular aspect of the diversions as we were aware that it would be vulgar to show off!

Twinwood Festival 2019 - Chaps Of Distin
Twinwood Festival 2019 - Casablance Club

As we were unknown at Twinwood our first evening was enthusiastic but perhaps not as well attended as other established entertainers, never the less we girded our loins and hoped that word would circulate and we would be better attended on the second evening..

Twinwood Festival 2019 - Performance 05.

However our concerns were unfounded as the second evening had them packed to the rafters!!  

Twinwood Festival 2019 - Performance 03.

Waiting to go on, on the second night was interminable but in true 'pro' fashion we had the cars pointing to the exit so should the worst happen a quick get away could be achieved!

Twinwood Festival 2019 - Performance 04.

Michael charmed them with the overture and they delighted in every Cowardesque nuance we had to deliver.

We certainly hope to return!!

Twinwood Festival 2019 - Panarama.jpg